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Club Update 12/08/2021

Mabuhay punters,

Well as you can imagine our weekend dose of local football has been cancelled and by all accounts, at this stage, this ends the home and away season.

Unfortunately, this has an effect on some teams ability to make finals, and sadly for them, cue in rack for season 2021. Thank you to all the players and coaching staff of their respective teams for all their efforts and entertainment. For our senior men’s, they sit in fourth place and based on the finals set up, live to play on, final permitting.

This leads me to the update, at this stage our division is meeting with the league and will discuss how finals may look going forward under a variety of scenarios. As soon as we are aware, we will keep you informed.

Meanwhile, on the social side, everything is on hold and we are watching development eagerly. 5K is still planned for 11th September, vote count is more than likely going to occur prior to the 5K reverse draw at 12 pm. Our presentation night, well, that could look very different this year and we are looking into options.

That is about it for now, so please stay safe, stay informed, do the right things and let’s hope we get to cheer on the boys into the finals.

Cheers Hugh


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