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Club Update - Tuesday 17/05/2022


Match Results

Mixed results on the weekend for men and women in the red, white and black (with a splash of teal in some cases).


Seniors (Premier) - 6.5.41 Def South Croydon 4.9.33

Reserves (Division 4) - 3.4.22 Def By South Croydon 4.3.27

Back to back wins for our Senior Women's side, this week an eight-point victory. A tough game in the first quarter, our girls broke away in the second quarter with better kicking in front of goal, and from there were able to keep South Croydon at bay.

Goals: C. Bould 2, S. Collard, H. Woolfe, A. Powell, P. McMaster

Best: E. Curtis, P. McMaster, G. Grimmer, K. Shepherd, H. Woolfe, J. Hoefler


Seniors - 23.15.153 Def East Burwood 10.10.70

Reserves - 6.4.40 Def By East Burwood 14.10.94

U19.5 - 9.6.60 Def Ringwood 8.7.55

Veterans - No Game

A return to form for our men's senior side saw them demolish an undefeated East Burwood side at home. There were only 11-points in it at quarter time, before our boys clicked into sixth gear and ran away with the game. Leaving the Rams with something to think about.

Goals: T. Garner 8, T. Smith 3, K. Windsor 2, S. Bartels 2, S. Brown 2, N. Butler 2, C. Peters, S. Richards-West, D. Wynd, B. Ryan

Best: M. Garner, T. Garner, C. Peters, T. Smith, C. Black


South Belgrave 32 Def Nunawading Lions 8

Great win from our Netballers last Friday Night. Controlling the game from start until the finish was a well-deserved win.

For the full results, ladders and best players, visit:

Football (Men's & Women) | Netball

Seeking Players for Vet's Side

If you are 35 or over and would like to have a kick of the football, why not join our Veteran's team. Training one night a week on Wednesday @ 6:30 pm and playing every second week (with only 6 games left in the season) it's a great way to stay fit and enjoy the game of football on a less serious level.

Contact Vets Coach - BJ 0408 179 160

Next Round

All teams will be playing this weekend. See below for opponents and game times.


  • Football 7:00 pm - Vets (10th) V Forest Hill (8th) Home

  • Netball 7:40 pm - SBFNC (4th) V Montrose Thunder (6th) Fairhills College


  • 10:40 am - SBL Wolves Reserves (5th) V Eastern Devils (4th) Home

  • 12:30 pm - SBL Wolves Seniors (4th) V Eastern Devils (1st) Home

  • 8: 50 am - U19.5s (2nd) V Ringwood (4th) Away

  • 12:30 pm - Reserves (8th) V Ringwood (9th) Away

  • 2:20 pm - Seniors (2nd) V Ringwood (1st) Away

(Ladder Position)

NAB League

The Eastern Ranges had scheduled Bye for round 6 of the NAB League.

Next Game: Round 7 - 2:30 pm Sun 22 May v Sandringham Dragons @ Away

Upcoming Events

Beta House - Saturday 18th June

Our next function will be Frat Party Themed! With plenty of party games, it should be an epic night! Kicks off at 7:00 pm.


Memberships are available to purchase. Some great benefits of being a member include entry to home games for men's and women's football, entry to halftime functions during senior men's games, limited edition merchandise plus so much more!

Buy today online HERE or at the clubrooms.

Plenty happening around the club, and we look forward to seeing everyone out and about at either the football or netball - Go South!

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