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Message from the President - 14/08/2021

Hello South Belgrave Football Netball Club members, community and family,

It is with disappointment, frustration and disbelief that sadly last night or in the early hours this morning, our club was robbed.

At 8 am this am I received a call from a community member who noticed our door open, held open by a bread crate and a possible break-in. Upon arrival it was discovered we had been rolled, three doors jimmied open, safe jimmied open and all within taken. The contents included cash, medals and our life member badges ready for new inductees.

In addition, equipment and technology were taken from within the office. It has been reported to the police and we are reaching out to anyone who may have heard or seen something to come forward and let us know.

I am disappointed this has happened in our community and our club and it has affected our ability to feel safe in our community. Whilst we will do everything possible to support the police investigation, we as a club will be endeavouring to replace and repair damages. We do ask that if over the coming weeks, we don’t have everything running as per usual or with the stuff you are used to, please bear with us as we work to repair the situation.

Once again, I am saddened by the fact I am bringing you this news and we will keep you informed of any developments.

Please stay safe and all being well, we will see you at the finals as the seniors go out and make our assault on the Division Two Grand Final.

Cheers Hugh

President SBFNC

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