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Season 2021 comes to an end

Well sadly our friends, football for us has come to an end for 2021.

We made the four and as the coaches and players would protest, would have given it a shake, given the opportunity, however, alas, this shall not be. The cue is in the rack, and what could have been, will just have to wait until 2022. Thank you to all the coaches, players and supporters of all teams, grades and codes for an interesting year and support.

We still have our fingers, legs and hairs crossed we can hold at least one more function combining 5K reverse draw, vote count and presentation in one. This will be in the lapse of Delta, so please keep your eyes open, ears to the ground and fingers on the net to keep updated.

The fallout from the break-in. No news regarding whether the culprits having being caught, however, the police have been amazing in supporting us and following up on leads provided.

Well, “community” is an amazing thing, I have had people of Belgrave South reach out, members offer assistance, past players reach out and offer support, and opposition clubs circulate with their members in the hope someone knows something. Community, may not only be the location you live but the people you connect with. Thank you everyone for your support and consideration.

This is about all the latest news, for now, we will keep you updated as things eventuate. Stay safe, keep your mask on, social distance and let’s kick delta in the ….



President - SBFNC

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